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With more job seekers than ever seeking employment on the web, ZipRecruiter offer employers a simplified way of dealing with their vacancies. Employers can submit their jobs to multiple job boards such as Craigslist, SimplyHired and Indeed with a single click and wait for the responses to roll in. Then employers can filter out resume spam and cut down their list of applicants by hosting a simple screening process. You can ask potential employees questions about your company or the job role in general, to weed out the good from the bad.

ZipRecruiter offer a very user-friendly interface, so that virtually anyone can utilise it. The software will also enable you to link with other team members hiring within your company, so that you can share notes and make quick decisions on the right applicant. The software also enables you to toggle between a candidate's resume and their answers to the questions you've posed, allowing you to measure their suitability.

A handy tool on their website will also enable you to spread the word about your job openings via social websites such as facebook, twitter and google buzz, giving your job advertisement maximum exposure. You will also be able to brand your interview templates with your own company logo, giving all your correspondence a more professional look. 

ZipRecruiter will provide you with a hosted company job page to use as the employment link on your company's website, enabling you to promote all of your job openings effortlessly. For ease of use, there is a simple process to export all of your candidate data to excel so you can manage your applicants offline if needed. 

If all of that wasn't enough, there's a 4 day free trial so that you can try out of all the software for yourself and see just how much time and effort you've been wasting all these years. Simply put, ZipRecruiter will you save you time and money.

ZipRecruiter: What makes it different?

ZipRecruiter will automatically post your jobs to the most suitable and most visited job boards on the web, which means maximum exposure for your vacancy. They currently have 20 job boards on their network and they are continuously adding to them. Customer service is provided by a contact telephone number which is open between normal business hours Monday to Friday PST. There is also email support if needed. 

A great feature of ZipRecruiter is the candidate screening process, enabling you to ask some of your interview questions without the need for a staff member present and a room in which to interview your prospective employee's. There are lots of clever tools on the candidate screening interface, including the ability to see how much time a candidate has taken to answer your screening questions. It can save a lot of time and money if you can narrow the selection process down to just a few of the very best applicants. This means that you might only need to use one day in which to finalise your interview process. It also means that job hosting to job hiring can be completed in the quickest of time spans. This can be important if you need to fill a vacancy fast.

There is a range of packages to suit every budget and it will nearly pay for itself before you've barely started due to the fact that you don't have to advertise your vacancy in multiple newspapers and websites. Listing a job on their website initially is free and won't cost you a penny. ZipRecruiter offers no limit on the amount of candidates per job you can receive. 

To make things even simpler you don't even necessarily have to wait until your job has been posted on the job boards because they have their own resume database which you can begin perusing immediately. The resume database includes a list of job seekers that have recently applied for other jobs in your industry and location. 

If you are a company hiring regularly, ZipRecruiter's annual plans may work out exceptionally good value, as the first two months are completely free. There is no contract and plans can be cancelled at any time.

ZipRecruiter vs. primary competitors (sites similar to ZipRecruiter)

JobScore is a competitor in the recruitment market and like ZipRecruiter they offer one click job posting and applicant tracking facilities. They offer a completely different price structure in the fact that they don't charge you to use their service (if you allow them to re-use your unused applicants), but to advertise your job on their job boards. They will also help with branding and the utilisation of social networks. Unlike Ziprecruiter though, they won't help you in the applicant screening process and you won't be able to narrow your candidates down by asking questions specific to your vacancy. They allow you to rate each resume using their software, but this is something you could do by yourself with a pen and paper. There are a few useful free resources on their website, such as a blog and newsletter, but the software of ZipRecruiter offer is far superior in nearly every aspect. 

With regards to customer service no hours of business are offered alongside their telephone number. Email support is offered if needed.

When you take into account that you'll be charged $199 to advertise on one website (Monster was used for this example), ZipRecruiter will almost definitely work out cheaper in the long run. 

Catsone is another rival in the recruitment market, allowing one click posting of jobs to multiple websites. They will allow you to brand your career portal and let you post questionnaires to help screen your applicants. 

The biggest downside of Catsone is that they are only integrated with 8 job boards which will severely restrict the flow of applicants to your website. If fewer applicants apply the chances of finding the right applicant diminish. They also only have a couple of social networks on their panel, further reducing the advertisement of your post. 

Whilst their basic plan is somewhat cheaper than ZipRecruiter and begins at $39, this lacks customer support of any kind, be it telephone or live web based chat. That in itself could be a recipe for disaster if your interface malfunctions or you have a technical problem that can only be resolved by email, days later. It doesn't appear to enable team collaboration either, so only one person will be able to use the recruiting software at a time, which may be very inconvenient for larger companies. You also won't have the ability to toggle between a candidate's resume and their answers for your pre-screening questions, which just makes things slightly more difficult.

ZipRecruiter: Pricing & packages

ZipRecruiter offers subscription packages from $59. This will include posting on all relevant job boards, an unlimited number of candidate applications and you will be able to search through 25 resumes on their database to start your search for the right candidate. 

JobScore pricing differs in that they charge you for posting your job to the relevant job board. This can vary greatly. Some of the less popular job boards are completely free whilst some of the more popular and specialised will cost you over $400 for an advertisement. When you take into account that you will probably need to post your vacancy on more than one site, this may work out very costly.

Catsone offer subscription services from $39, but compared to ZipRecruiter they offer less than half the advertising potential. For this price they have no resume database and no customer support via live chat or telephone which can make things very difficult. For a comparable service their subscription price is $69, which is more expensive than their rival. 

ZipRecruiter: Product images & screenshots
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ZipRecruiter: Customer reviews & comments

Here is what ZipRecruiter's customers and followers have been saying about them:

March 30th, 2010 by Mike Scutari

 ZipRecruiter is an online tool that eliminates “resume spam” (a real problem, not a condiment) and enables hirers to focus on high-value candidates efficiently and cost-effectively.

It’s an automatic vetting machine, and the cream, I imagine, will rise to the top pretty quickly.  It also cuts out the middle man - namely, a hiring or temp agency - as the pre screening tool is free.  Why pay for someone to ask a candidate about their “greatest asset” over and over again, when you can yourself, once, for free?


Karl, Feb 20th 2011

When posting jobs online, you typically post them on Craigslist, eBay classifieds, and a few other sites possibly. ZipRecruiter will post your job to a bunch of job sites automatically for you. It is the fastest way to get your job out there to every potential candidate.

When you post the job using ZipRecruiter, it automatically distributes the job listing to multiple job boards across the web. All of the posting will stay online for 30 days.

If you want to find that perfect employee quickly, then ZipRecruiter can help you out. If you are looking for an employee, you will also want the best talent possible. You want your job listing to get on all the major sites, since most job seekers only stick to two or three main sites, you won't want them to miss your posting.

Using ZipRecruiter is easy and saves you time. I am sure you don't have the time to go to ten different job sites, sign up, and enter all of the information for the job posting over and over again. This process could take hours to do, while ZipRecruiter will only take minutes.

Courtesy of Articlesbase


Alice Allen, March 24th 2010 works in three steps. Employers start by creating an online candidate interview, then their opening is posted to free job boards – currently Simply Hired and Indeed. Next, they review the candidate answers and resumes they receive. claims it can save companies thousands of dollars in recruiting fees. Co-founder and CEO Ian Siegel says the idea for came after experiencing the process of weeding through resumes and phone screening candidates at a previous company.

“The frustrating part was — regardless of what their resume said — many candidates obviously lacked basic skills required for the position,” Siegel explains. “With each applicant answers the screening questions online before you ever need to look at their resume.”


ZipRecruiter | Hiring Made Really Simple

In today's world, candidates can submit their resume on more than 100 job sites with just the click of a button. For most employers, vetting these resumes is a time consuming, highly subjective and expensive task. Stop dealing with this "resume spam" and start spending your time on qualified candidates. 

Courtesy of Xom Reviews


Just wanted to let you know how much ZipRecruiter has already helped me...Zip has been by far the best recruiting software I have easy as 1, 2, 3! Cliche, I know, but it really is the best I found for what I do.

One example: I had a job request for my client in California. Put ad in Wed night, Thurs morning I had 3 fish on the line and one was a keeper. He filled out the questions, sent his picture, resume and cover letter. Called him and was a perfect fit for my client. They are meeting in one hour. So in 48 hours I had a candidate an interview and my client got the best!"

- Scott Barnard, Director, Missing Link Service


Congrats on your new job posting website! I was very pleased and also surprised by the large volume of candidates that we received beginning almost immediately after our posting on your site, most of them being highly qualified for the available positions. With such a large response, the opportunity to post preliminary interview questions as well as rank the candidates was very beneficial. And I just loved the fact that you are connected with so many other job posting sites, a one stop shop. We did not need to go anywhere else. I'd recommend your site highly to other employers. Thanks again!"

- Lisa Weeks, Owner, Love Thyself Day Spa


ZipRecruiter is a MONEY SAVER a TIME SAVER and a LIFE SAVER!...and the best part about it is NO MORE JOB BOARDS! The staff is simply AMAZING...ZipRecruiter ROCKS! I LOVE you Zip!"

- Kelly Peterson, Managing Director, A-1 STAFFING


In conclusion, ZipRecruiter will make sure that any company fills their vacancy fast and save an enormous amount of time and effort over traditional recruiting methods. It has one of the simplest interfaces to use and many additional tools which will make any Human Resources member breathe a sigh of relief. If your company desires the best possible person for the job, with the least amount of time and effort involved, then ZipRecruiter has exactly what you are looking for!

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Comments (8)

Very intensive and successful review..........thanks Ann

Another winner Ann

Sounds great


That was a thorough review Ann, thanks.

I do need to point out a couple of inaccurate quotes regarding the CATS application though. CATS has added several more job boards to their list and are still adding more. The total now is at 12 and counting.

Also, CATS does provide full phone, web-chat and email support. They have weekly webinars for ongoing training and have always been available for help on demand, even with their international users.

ZipRecruiter is an excellent tool for organizations that are not in a constant hiring state, but for an end-to-end recruitment/hiring management tool, there are a lot more requirements than just syndication and light applicant screening.

I need to clear out another inaccurate CATS statement. CATS can be used starting from 1 user. Unlimited users can be added.

This means that CATS is scalable for usage. If you are a one man show, then 1 user with full access is all you need. If you're a company with 10 recruiters, you are able to create 10 users etc. is an excellent solution for job distribution and it's pay per click,while ziprecruiter isn't

Great revieww, Ann. I actually started using Ziprecruiter after reading this and bookmarked the post so I could let you know how it went. The answer is good, great, grand! Thanks for the review and for helping lead me to and my great new candidates.

Ann, I appreciate your coverage on the CATS applicant tracking system. I would like to point out a few innaccurate details that were included in your post and correct them.

The CATS system is available for one user or more, it has been built from the start to be highly collaborative.

The system can automate posting your jobs to 11 job boards, plus Facebook and Twitter. We have more job boards on the way as well.

CATS offers live web chat, email, and live phone support, available to all customers. We even host webinars twice a week for introductory and existing user training.

Toggling between a candidate resume and their application answers is possible within the application. You can even set up triggers on application questions so if a candidate answers in a way you see favorable or unfavorable you can assign a specific action to occur.

It is also important to note that the type of users from CATS to ZipRecruiter are going to be pretty different. CATS is a complete applicant tracking system that gives you a brandable career portal, powerful searching capabilities on your candidates database, resume parsing and searching, and weekly webinars, plus more. ZipRecruiter is mainly for blasting a job out to the web and collecting applicants. 

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